Visual identity

In this section you will find small and large identity projects, from logotypes to complex graphic systems designed over the years for a diverse range of clients. All creative processes of the different projects share a common thread: they aim to communicate clearly the client’s concept and personal view and to find during the research phase all the associations that may be triggered with a particular graphic choice.

Recent identities

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Consulting and design work for MIT’s pioneering unit CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab). Housed within the Stata Center, designed by Architect Frank Gehry, CSAIL is a leading research center which has been imagining and building the future for more than 50 years.

Mountain architects

Mountain is an architecture studio of award-winning architects working out of Bristol and London. The practice is now working on a range of buildings across the UK and internationally.


Development of new visual identity, including a bespoke alphabet and a large set of icons, for Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation (Radio & TV). The resulting unicase type family, WIPR Unicase, was created taking into consideration the old TV station's brand. This family has several alternative lettershapes which gave us more freedom to design future logos for sub-brands.



A variegated audience of over one thousand people gathered on April 6, 2017 at the San Juan Symphonic Hall to listen and reflect on Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz’ words of caution and forward-looking advise regarding Puerto Rico’s economic predicament.

It’s the economy, intelligent!

A day of lectures to think about economy from the perspective of sociology, history and art, programmed and presented by artist and writer Leticia Obeid.

Art and Education

Carlos Rolón / Dzine

The work created for this exhibition examines diaspora through the repurposing of common everyday objects. Railings, cement cinderblocks, hand crafted macramé, repurposed shattered tempered automobile glass, iconic floral and vegetation native to the Caribbean are reimagined into paintings, sculptures, a floating garden and tactile celestial works. Tropicalizia is a reflection on culture, social practice, community and identity.

Ibsen Festival 2016

Monsters of Reality: The Mimesis Machine is a one day happening. A constellation of invited artists from Norway and Greece filling the gilded corridors of the National Theatre with live performance, installations and interactions, using fiction to find truth.

Memory of nature

Visual identity for the exhibition Memory of Nature: The Rhythm of Life by Diógenes Ballester. Inspired by the elements and forms present in Ballester’s paintings, we made a few tweaks and additions to the institutional font Avenir Next, which resulted in a simple but distinctive solution, consistent with the Museum's identity.

Isabel II

Logotype and promotional pieces for Isabel II: Images of Power between Spain and Puerto Rico, 1833-1868. An exhibition that includes several portraits of Isabel II at different ages, illustrating the difficulty of creating an official image for a queen reviled by her subjects since childhood.


Móvil is an independent non-commercial organization involved in the production and exhibition of contemporary art. Its main interest is experimentation and bringing emerging practice closer to the wide public.

Musica Aperta

Musica Aperta is a performance arts ensemble that presents music in concert together with other forms of arts and media.


Symbol designed to commemorate the building's 50th anniversary. It was originally designed in 1965 by architect Edward Durell Stone. The hexagon represents the galleries and the iconic ceiling of the Museum's second floor.

Gustave Doré

The history of Jesus' passion and death has been an inspiration to a large number of artists throughout the centuries. According to the curator Pablo Pérez d'Ors, French artist Gustave Doré stands out among them for the intense darkness he portrays, representing the scenes of one of the greatest stories ever told. The exhibition invites the public to discover and understand how Doré created totally original images drawn from the Gospel.

Museo de Arte de Ponce

The Museo de Arte de Ponce is an art museum located in the city of Ponce in Puerto Rico. The museum owns one of the most distinguished private collections in the Western hemisphere outside the United States. The collection is composed of around 4,000 art pieces that range from the 14th to the 20th century, with magnificent samples of the Italian Baroque, British Pre-Raphaelite, Spanish Golden Age and contemporary Latin American art.

Children's Orchestra of DC

The Children's Orchestra of DC is an after school initiative hosted at the Garrison Elementary School which provides students the opportunity to learn an instrument, play in an orchestra or sing in a choir.

Espacios abiertos

Espacios Abiertos, Open Spaces, is a Puerto Rican organization striving to strengthen the capacities of people, organizations and communities to successfully act in a political, social and institutional framework.

In Puerto Rico, the expression ¡ea! has a connotation of surprise, i.e. Wow!

Words in books

Capital Intelectual is an Argentine publishing company whose aim is to spread culture and social analysis. With a long track-record in the publishing industry, the company intends to enrich national and regional debate through a large catalog of publications in the areas of science, politics, literature, philosophy, sports and psychology.


Mandarina works closely with international cultural organisations to help them deliver their programmes to the highest possible standard.

A close look to the dot of the letter i, was enough to visualize the whole mark.

Museum of Architecture in Buenos Aires

Identity and stationery for the Museum of Architecture in Buenos Aires (Marq). Inspired by the well-known modular stencil font created by architect Le Corbusier, we chose a stencil typeface for the logo of the museum.

Fourth World Records

Concept for a mark to identify what has been described by trumpeter Jon Hassell as "a unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques".

The typographic setting works with a number of variables from the Helvetica familiy, creating a 3D effect.The mark has been thought as a sticker that could be added onto tape, vinyls or cd covers. It was never shown to Mr Hassell and the name has been lately used by other people.

Decadence and Revolution

An exhibition showing a unique selection of masterpieces, created between 1890 and 1910, owned by the Belvedere Museum in Vienna offers an overview of painting and sculpture from one of the most exciting periods in the history of Western art.

Denmark Street

Logo proposal for The Twelve Bar Club, a music venue in London that opened in 1994 on Denmark Street – known as Great Britain's ‘Tin Pan Alley’ – just off Charing Cross Road and close to Soho.

Some of the most famous musicians and groups to play at the Twelve Bar Club before they reached a wider audience include Adele, Martha Wainwright, Regina Spektor and The Libertines.


The OAS Orchestra Program in the Caribbean, also known as OASIS Caribbean, aims to transform the activities children and the youth carry out in their spare time into productive moments. The objective is to promote their strengths and talents with help of an orchestral and choral training programme.

My Generation

Identity for London-based charity My Generation, which aims to mentor potential community leaders to inspire young people to lead more socially responsible lives and to open up a life of opportunity through specific empowerment projects.

Clapham Manor Primary School

Re-branding of school based in the Londoner neighbourhood of Clapham. The client asked the design studio Nucleus to keep the original elements of the old symbol: a tree and the sun. We chose a minimalistic approach which unified both elements by placing the sunlight on the tree top.


This typographic composition was created to promote an annual event organized by Ethos, an institute for studies in Art History and Aesthetics.

Collection of logos and symbols

Commercial Sector

Connecting the world

ioThink offers technological solutions that can change the way we live and work, as they enhance and improve our connection with the world around us, while intending to make a more efficient and sustainable use of our time, energy and resources.

ioThink uses IoT technologies (Internet of Things) to connect sensors and devices with the Cloud in order to integrate them with apps that offer access to real-time data and therefore help analyse information in a more precise way, positively affecting our decision taking.

Buena Interactive

Buena is the trademark of an internet programming and development studio based in Buenos Aires, which focuses on content-driven user experiences. The logo is inspired in Josef Albers' Kombinations-Schrift.

Drones & Cameras

Inimatics is an Argentine company with over 10 years experience in working with digital imagery. They use the latest drone technology available and photo cameras combined with a extensive knowhow in data processing.

Center for Innovation in Educational Technology

Project of identity for the Mindslove Center for Innovation in Educational Technology, engaged in investigation and development of hardware or software products for education located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

CNE plus

The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is an independent, nonpartisan institution based in Puerto Rico, which aims to create a new economy that is based in values such as prosperity, balance and fairness.

Interactive Dynamics

Creation of logotype for Interactive Dynamics. Company dedicated to offering interactive experiences through innovative technological solutions that are based in the interaction of humans and machines.

Yacaré Porá

Located in the Puerto Valle estate, NE of the province of Corrientes, Argentina, Yacaré Porá is a model farm for sustainable caiman ranching.

An Evening with Art

Brand re-design for the yearly event Al Fresco Evenings, organized by the Ponce Art Museum of Puerto Rico. An evening filled with art, music and dining under the stars at the Museum's gardens.


The Center for a New Economy is Puerto Rico's first and only independent think-tank producing independent research and policy on issues related to economic development.


K&S Films is an Argentine company specialized in the integral production of national and international films. Its activities include the purchase of editorial rights, creation of scripts and co-productions abroad, as well as supporting new Argentine talents.


Garruchos Agropecuaria is an Argentine company devoted to agricultural and cattle-raising activities, with long-term projects committed to the sustainability of production systems.

Grupo Insud

Grupo Insud is formed by a group of Argentine companies. The name ‘Insud’ is an acronym for innovation, sustainability and development, which reflect the guiding principles for the daily work of all of its companies. The Group's areas of expertise are life sciences, information and culture, agribusiness and, lastly, nature and design.


Pomera Maderas is an Argentine forestry-industrial company specialized in the production of high-quality solid wood. It owns over 32,000 afforested hectares North of Argentina and Paraguay.


Logo design for the ‘umbrella’ company of a group of companies operating in the pharmaceutical business.


Identity for software developer 4DataLink and its application on promotional watches given to clients as an end-of-the-year present.


Identity for prepaid payment card, recently implemented in North England. The card can be constantly re-charged, hence the transformation of the "Q" into a "re-load" sign. It can be used for public transport, but also for small purchases such as coffee, newspaper or sandwiches.

Sipre Suite

Symbols created to identify a suite of four software applications: Sipre-NET, Sipre-GIS, Sipre-CAD and Sipre-V* (Vision).


Identity and brochure for software development and custom programming company. In line with the guidelines we created for the Dsoft identity, we worked with the typefaces Bodoni Berthold and Neue Helvetica.

Panzaverde - Argentine Textile Designs

Catalogue for Argentine fashion firm Panzaverde, best known for the high quality of their handmade fabrics made of natural fibres. They use traditional weaving techniques and designs to produce their popular ponchos and scarves.

Casa NOA

Casa Noa combines refined materials and expert artistry with contemporary design to create unique, elegant and functional home accessories.

Viacotone visual identity (proposal)

While developing the identity, we remembered a passage of Karl Gerstner’s book titled Designing Programmes in which Swiss architect Paul Gredinger talks about the simplicity of the act of weaving that produces clothes. To honour that message, we decided to use the stitch as a module to design an alphabet and icons for a merchandising company specialized in cotton products.


Creation of a symbol for architectural firm born as a result of a merger between two companies. Taking in consideration the words COnstruction, COllaboration, COnsulting, we used the letters C and O to design the mark and joined them at the centre to denote the new partnership.

Guru Rendezvous

Identity for film production company specialized in documentaries which explore themes related to spirituality.

Jumairah Beach Resort

This project was commissioned to CI Design. I participated in the initial briefing where we were asked to adapt a "tear-drop" shape for three separate symbols intended for three hotels. One of the challenges of the project was the fact that we had to avoid the drawings from evoking any meaning at all.

Valenco Construction

Logotype for a construction company. The intersections of each stroke within the letterforms create modules emphasizing their own construction.



Development of new visual identity, including a bespoke alphabet and a large set of icons, for Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation (Radio & TV). The resulting unicase type family, WIPR Unicase, was created taking into consideration the old TV station's brand. This family has several alternative lettershapes which gave us more freedom to design future logos for sub-brands.


Cultural show broadcasted by WIPR-TV. ADN Boricua's contents range from mainstream expressions to marginal ones or those that go totally unnoticed for most of Puerto Rican society.

Space TV Channel (proposal)

Mark explorations for logo of television channel Space TV (owned by Grupo Claxson). The client briefing asked for a series of geometrical forms.


Logotype created for the traditional Chinese puzzle. Each of the seven letters of the game’s name has been constructed using the seven parts of the square.

Made in 1965

Invitation to the 2015 Gala, held every year at the Ponce Art Museum of Puerto Rico. On this opportunity, the building's 50th anniversary was the theme that inspired the design of the Gala's brand. The building was originally designed in 1965 by architect Edward Durell Stone. The numbers 9 and 6 represent the iconic staircase of the Museum's lobby.


Identity and promotional brochure for the magic and entertainment group Bloom. Designed in collaboration with Andrés Sobrino at Simplestudio.


Axel Dross

Business card for sound engineer Axel Dross, which gave us the opportunity to explore the graphic qualities of phonetic language.

Paula Alonso Copywriter

Stationery for editor and copy-writer. The visual identity was inspired by the so-called hidden characters that are visible when one is proof-reading a text on screen.


Logotype for Guetter (from the French, watch), a Buenos Aires-based marketing agency. The design is based on the distinct features of the Arno Pro font, which are the double "t" link and the alternative character for ’r‘.