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César Sesio is a graphic designer with more than 25 years international experience. He works across formats, developing large visual identity projects for institutions that cover identity, editorial, and digital design as well as signage and exhibition displays, from conception to production. He works independently and in collaboration with different professionals – from visual artists to musicians, photographers, copywriters, software developers, or other designers – with whom he teams up to develop unique solutions for each client.

Friends & collaborators

David Small

Dave is the founder and creative director of Small Design Firm, which specializes in the design and implementation of interactive, dynamic graphical applications. Dave received his PhD in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT in 1999. His thesis, Rethinking the Book, examined how digital media, in particular the use of three-dimensional and dynamic typography, will change the way designers approach large bodies of information. Shortly after receiving his PhD, Dave founded Small Design Firm. From 2008 to 2010 Dave also served as associate professor at his alma mater, directing a research group at the MIT Media Lab. His doctoral work was recently acquired by the design department of the Museum of Modern Art and is part of their permanent collection.

José Scaglione

José Scaglione is a graphic designer, typeface designer, and co-founder of the independent type foundry TypeTogether with Veronika Burian, where they have published numerous award-winning type families. He teaches typography at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is frequently invited to lecture about typography and to lead workshops on typeface design at international conferences and academic institutions. José co-authored the book Cómo Crear Tipografías: Del Boceto a la Pantalla, and collaborated with Jorge de Buen Unna on his book Introducción al Estudio de la Tipografía. In 2012 José acted as chairman of the Letter.2 type design competition and conference. In 2013 he was appointed president of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).

Leo Saltamerenda

Buena is an internet programming and development studio founded by Leo Saltamerenda based in Buenos Aires, which focuses on content-driven user experiences. Today, in the internet galaxy, things are happening in a different order than it used to a couple of decades ago. No more graphic caprices, no more literal translations from the print world to the digital world. Graphic designers must be aware of the latest technological and programming developments, understand how people use those devices, understand their needs and routines and know about the large and wide range of developing possibilities. The design plan has to be built side by side with coders and UI specialists and taking into account many aspects as optimizing perfomance, optimizing images, typographic fonts, delaying images load, a smart use of interaction animations, sounds, behaves and reacts.

Juan Beccar Varela

Artist and photographer, Juan Beccar Varela begun working on digital post-production and colorimetry both for him and other artists in 2006. Since then he has become one of the most refined image retouchers in Buenos Aires, and has specialised in art books and the fashion industry. His expertise can handle the transformation of low res images into high res ones, the calibration, colour grading and optimisation of pictures and the production of new images from a wide range of files including typography, graphics, illustrations or photographs, no matter whether they are meant for large scale billboards, books and catalogues or digital supports. Among others, he has worked for artists such as Nicola Costantino and Rosana Schoijett and for catalogues on the work of Teresa Burga, Claudia Andújar, Diego Bianchi and Adrián Villar Rojas.

Ralph du Carrois

In 2003 Ralph and Jenny founded the studio Carrois in Berlin. Whilst designing Suzuki’s corporate typefaces, it became clear that their former focus on Graphic Design would rather switch to Type Design. From then on, they concentrated on designing and extending typefaces for multiple clients. In the first place for Erik Spiekermann and his companies. From 2008 on, their network and scope of clients expanded. In 2017 Ralph founded the bBox Type foundry together with his long-time partner Anja Meiners while Jenny concentrated on graphic design and illustration again. Today Jenny and Ralph work on design and concepts again.

Sarah Morris

Sarah is a content developer and copywriter— that is, an information sorter. She winnows ideas into a clearly organized content approach, whether a simple brochure or website to a complex exhibit installation or complete rebranding exercise. She achieves clarity by carefully considering the client’s mission and core values, project goals, the intended audience, and key messages. Sarah has been a full-time content consultant for over 15 years. Her primary focus is interpretive (educational) content for museum exhibitions, but she also has extensive branding and material expertise for corporate and nonprofit clients.

Matias Steimborchel

Industrial designer based in Buenos Aires. He produces architecture and product renders as well as 3D animations for clients involved in construction, architecture, industrial design and advertising. He is also an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of UADE, Buenos Aires.

Eric Gunther

Eric Gunther was born in New York in 1978. He studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT, where he also worked on his Masters thesis in tactile composition at the MIT Media Lab. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is co-founder of the art and design firm Sosolimited. For seven years, Eric worked as Art Director at Small Design Firm, where he created high-tech interactive installations for clients around the world. He builds vibrotactile sculptures and thinks about how to create new aesthetic experiences for the body using technology.

Iwan Essery

Iwan learnt his trade as an archaeological and landscape photographer at Manchester University and was fortunate enough to be taken on as an assistant to an interiors and still life photographer whilst living in London. When not in France or Ireland visiting family, Iwan loves travelling and going to quirky and out of the way places. He plays piano in a jazz band, with varying degrees of success. He loves wine, trees and amplifiers, not necessarily in that order.

Masumi Briozzo

Masumi Briozzo is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Buenos Aires. Studied at Central Saint Martins and worked for Pentagram London. Works both locally and internationally.

Belen Hermida

Translator and simultaneous interpreter, she graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, continuing her specialization in Argentina and abroad. With 25+ experience, she has covered different business areas, as broad as sports, ballet, advertising, marketing, business in general, public health, steel industry, accounting or culture, both in written translations and as an interpreter in congresses, courses and workshops. Co-founder of Word by Word, company mainly devoted to simultaneous interpretation. Her language studies also include French and Portuguese.

Santiago Porter

Santiago Porter was born in Buenos Aires in 1971. His photography work has been shown in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina and abroad and is also included in several public and private collections.

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