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We have been developing digital projects for more than 15 years. These include websites as well as interactive displays designed for institutions in the United States, Europe and Latin America. We have worked for the Serpentine Gallery in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, among other organisations. In collaboration with Small Design we have produced exhibition displays for the New York Historical Society and Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC.

Latest online

Musica Aperta website 2018

Website for Musica Aperta - Latin for “Open Music”- a performance arts ensemble that presents music in concert with other arts and media. Its objective is to enhance the experience of music for all audiences by transcending the traditional notion of the musical concert. Our productions entertain and excite by performing music along side complementary art forms such as drama, dance, the visual arts, poetry and even the culinary arts.


With over 20 years of experience and more than 40 projects currently in development in 11 Latin American countries, Certa Network Information System has an excellent track record of working for large-scale companies. Televisa México, Cablevisión Argentina, Telecom, Edenor, Edesur, among others have entrusted them with the modelling of their grids. For more information, please visit


2014 website designed in collaboration with Soso Limited, an art and technology studio with offices in Boston and San Diego, which explores the boundaries between art, design, experience and information.

Projects in collaboration with Small Design Firm

Folger Shakespeare Library

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, we collaborated with Small Design Firm to create some of the graphics of the interactive panels for the exhibit Shakespeare, Life of an Icon for the Folger Shakespeare Library. Throughout 2016, the Folger will be commemorating Shakespeare with a programme titled The Wonder of Will which will include a series of special events, exhibitions, performances and more.

NYHS' Federal Wall

The Federal Wall engages visitors in the relationships between objects, events, ideas and people. The wall uses art, historic documentation, period ephemera, and the words and deeds of historic figures in conjunction with digital displays and augmented reality to tell the story of the United States' founding period.

New-York Historical Society

A substantial portion of the New-York Historical Society’s fourth floor has reopened as the Center for Women’s History, a cutting-edge museum and scholarship hub. This landmark initiative is the country’s first permanent, public exhibition and educational center dedicated to women’s history. It highlights the significance of women’s history to the study of the American past and demonstrate how women across the spectrum of race, class, and culture exercised power and brought about change even before they could access the ballot box. Guided by a committee of distinguished historians and informed by the latest research, the Center combines permanent installations, temporary exhibitions, and a vibrant program of talks and debates to enrich the cultural landscape of New York City. The large-format, permanent multimedia installation Women’s Voices presents a diverse array of stories, exploring how women’s words and actions have driven social change from America’s earliest days to the present.

The interactive display gives voice to famous and forgotten women, and the movements and networks to which they belonged, alongside video commentary from leading historians and thinkers in women’s studies. Visitors to the Center have the opportunity to discover new role models, pursue unexpected links between historical figures across time, and contribute their own stories to an ever-expanding network of knowledge.

The Irish College

Graphics for interactive installation of historical displays at the Louvain Institute for Ireland in Europe. The aim of the project was to allow visitors to learn about the history of the place by travelling in time.


Collaboration with Small Design Firm in the development of Sepsis Management, a programme used in the healthcare sector for streaming analytics that instantly alerts clinicians of at-risk patients and for delivery of real-time data to provide actionable insights.

Websites for Art Institutions

Móvil website

Móvil is an independent non-commercial organization involved in the production and exhibition of contemporary art. Its main interest is experimentation and bringing emerging practice closer to the wide public.

Serpentine Gallery website 2006

Website design for the Serpentine Gallery in London, based on identity guidelines by Daniel Eatock and Christoph Stolberg. This project was commissioned and designed over a short period of time in the year 2006, after which detailed specifications were handed over to Serpentine gallery staff so that they could programme and edit the site themselves.

Commercial Sector

Pomera Maderas website 2011

Pomera is an Argentine forestry-industrial company involved in the production of high-quality solid wood. Design of its website's graphic interface, especially developed for its correct performance in different formats and devices, such as web, tablets and smartphones.


Website for musician and producer Axel Dross. The interface of the site is similar to the interface of a music software and it also functions like an archive or catalogue. Every title has a brief text with technical information or review excerpt, as well as a musical sample or video.


Website design for the performance group De La Guarda which is famous for their acrobatic acts in non-traditional stages.

Ponce New Year’s card 2012

I asked Timon Botez to come up with one of his playful RGB animations for the New Year’s card 2012 for Museo de Arte de Ponce. All the letters are part of their full exhibition’s programme content. They are all mixed up, coloured up and animated in space as a splash of colours, forms and composition.


Cultural show broadcasted by WIPR-TV. ADN Boricua's contents range from mainstream expressions to marginal ones or those that go totally unnoticed for most of Puerto Rican society.

Bespoke fonts

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Consulting and design work for MIT’s pioneering unit CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab). Housed within the Stata Center, designed by Architect Frank Gehry, CSAIL is a leading research center which has been imagining and building the future for more than 50 years.

Inline Three

Font design for generic signage system based on some of the architectural features of a stadium.

WIPR Unicase

Development of new visual identity, including a bespoke alphabet and a large set of icons, for the government-owned television and radio broadcaster from Puerto Rico. The resulting unicase type family, WIPR Unicase, was created taking into consideration the old brand of the TV station. This family has several alternative lettershapes which gave us more freedom to design future logos for sub-brands.

System font

System font is a typographic project by Timon Botez to create a geometrical typeface. He invited me to help with the drawings of the letters. The system is conformed by four variables: pixel perfect, angular, curve and dotted. These fonts have been designed to optimize legibility on specific bespoke electronic displays.